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Get Out of the F'ing Kitchen 3-D Pickleball Dog Collar Charm

Get Out of the F'ing Kitchen 3-D Pickleball Dog Collar Charm

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Introducing our "Get Out of the F'ing Kitchen" 3-D Soft Rubber Dog Tag – a playful fusion of pickleball humor and canine kitchen lurkers.

Pickleball + dogs ...the perfect combo! Your Pickleball-fanatic dog friends will love the funny double meaning. Crafted with soft rubber. Measuring a versatile 1.37" wide, our dog tag looks excellent on most breeds, providing a trendy and humorous addition to their collar. Whether you're a pet parent with a penchant for humor or looking for a fun Pickleball gift, this tag is the perfect choice. This would look great as a backpack charm too!

Why settle for ordinary when your dog can be the life of the Pickleball party? Order today and let your pup strut their stuff at the next Pickleball party! 

NOTE: our dog tags bring smiles and laughs; they are NOT ID TAGS. If it looks like it will hang too low on your short dog, use the included small split ring and swap it with the standard larger ring.


Material: Crafted from soft rubber, this series boasts a diverse collection of 10 engaging keychain designs and 17 cheeky dog tag variations. Exclusively available at The Verve Bar, each design is one-of-a-kind, with dedicated molds created to ensure their distinctiveness and quality.

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