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Welcome to The Verve Bar!


Welcome to my "sticker store!" Ha ha ... just kidding, but it really did begin as a sticker business but, somehow I got totally derailed and it became a full blown funny sticker, gift, and dog shop!


My goal is to make it quick and easy to find stickers and small gifts for those who are hard to shop for, both dogs and humans. To do this, I carefully selected items existing products that are not plastered everywhere on the internet, but also making as many of my own products as possible (both making them myself and having them made). I had my own molds made for the enamel pins and keychains in the store, I have a custom dog toy (you will LOVE it) arriving soon, and I make many of my own products.  I have a commercial heat press and will expand my selection of heat press items soon, including canvas tote bags. Unique "Verve originals" will only continue to grow. If you need "quantity" of heat pressed items (10+ ornaments, bags, luggage tags) I'm happy to chat about it.

The "Verve original" products that I'm most excited about are funny dog tags! Over 2000 tags were attached to incorrect retail packaging. This created a big delay and this product will not arrive for at least one week (I estimate 10 days max). This was a massive disappointment and I hope you sign up for email alerts so I can let you know when they arrive. I attached a sneak peek photo (the manufacturer sent poor quality photos, I tried removing the backgrounds so they look a bit jenky; the actual tags look great!). 

ABOUT (a past career that might surprise you):

Check out my "about" page and enjoy this free photo tip: inflatable flamingos do an excellent job of hiding muffin tops. I hired Phido Photography for my "about" page photos. If you need a dog photographer, he's your guy. If you think I'm joking, ask Purina. They are flying him to Chile to shoot product photos 🤯.

You might be surprised to learn that I had a floral design business many years ago. I'm shamelessly selling my flower design coffee table book in The Verve Bar store. Shout to photographer Kristi Coia for the stunning book photography The location backdrops were the hottest restaurants in Portland circa 2005.



Want to carry our products in your dog boutique or gift store? Let's chat! We will off many of products wholesale. I need a bit of time to create a line sheet and ordering system. Please send me an email so I can add you to my wholesale email list.


We are launching the website before completing our goal of making the entire site ADA compliant. Compliance is not required for businesses but it is something important to me. I will continue to improve it by adding alt text, audio, and videos to as many images as possible. An accessibility assistant app has been added that can help with adjusting size, colors, and contrast. Look for the blue circle. Please let me know what else you would like to see. 


If you order something and end up disappointed with, drop everything and text or email me. The cell number provided on the site is my Google Voice #. I'll reply as soon as I see it! I truly want you to be happy and want to know what you don't like so I can correct and/or discontinue that product! If a sticker bubbles in the dishwasher (they shouldn't), no problem! Simply email or text (include photo) and I'll send a replacement sticker of you choice. We have huge selection of water bottle stickers, and will add more every month. Yes, we take suggestions. Need 100+ custom stickers? No problem, email me.

HAPPY SHOPPING! If you see typos, I know there are plenty, please screenshot and show me. Thank you for being here. Tell your dog that big things are coming and tell your friends the search for unique gifts is over, we've got 'em! Cheers!


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