New Sassy Pet Tags Creating a Stir in our Dog Boutique!

New Sassy Pet Tags Creating a Stir in our Dog Boutique!

I'm excited to announce the latest addition to our lineup of unique and humor-fueled products here at The Verve Bar: our exclusive 3-D soft rubber dog tags!

These tags are not just ordinary accessories; they are designed to bring smiles, laughter, and plenty of humor. Your pup will not want to be seen without this collar bling (they also work great as backpack or dog harness charms!)

Inspired by our family’s canine squad, these dog tags are unlike anything you've seen before. The perfect conversation starter, you'll never have to talk about the weather again. ha!

Crafted from soft rubber and measuring 1.37 inches in diameter, these tags are lightweight, durable, and perfect for giving them a "voice" to communicate their heartfelt thoughts with the humans. Plus, they double as hilarious backpack or purse charms.

One of the unique features of our dog tags is their 3-D design, which adds a premium look (we know your dog would not expect anything less). Each design is an exclusive to The Verve Bar.

The ultimate in dog collar bling.

Humorous and witty catchphrases are a lifestyle for us.  Our rubber dog tags make the perfect ice breaker at the dog park and will make your pup the envy of all their fluffy friends at doggie daycare.

From clever quips to hilarious sayings, each tag is designed to showcase the personality of your best friend.

For example, our tag inspired by my derpy dog Snoop, reads, "I have the IQ of a yam. Be patient." Or our tag inspired by my son's pit mix Apollo, which humorously declares, "STFU & throw the ball." And let's not forget our tag inspired by my Australian Labradoodle, Oscar, which states the obvious, "I identify as human."

The Verve Bar exclusive 3-D backpack charms, keychains, and dog tags are available on our dog boutique website. Orders over $35 ship free within the US. Head over to our shop now to take a look. If these don’t smile, we owe you a sticker! Speaking of stickers, we are DEEP on doggo stickers!

 As a one-woman business, I pour my heart and soul into every product I create (I also excel at pouring margaritas) and these dog tags are no exception. They are a labor of love, inspired by my passion for humor, dogs, and making people smile.  And speaking of inspiration, many of the designs were drawn from my own dog Instagram account, @oscardoodlepdx, where I share the adventures of my sassy dog squad with pet parents like you.

 So whether you're a dog parent looking to add some humor to your pup's wardrobe or a dog lover searching for the perfect gift for a friend, our 3-D soft rubber dog tags and keychains are the perfect birthday, hostess, or Valentine gift. Shop all of our dog themed gifts now and let's spread laughs, one tag at a time!

Cheers! Thanks for the amazing support!


Owner, The Verve Bar

4 of our 17 styles of rubber dog tags. Dog Collar Bling in the photo includes Squirrel patrol, Short Dogg Syndrome with Dachsund, I have the IQ of a Yam. Be patient. I Identify as human.


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