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I Have the IQ of a Yam, Be Patient. Funny 3-D Rubber Dog Tag

I Have the IQ of a Yam, Be Patient. Funny 3-D Rubber Dog Tag

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Is your dog the sweetest thing ever buuuuut……. maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed? Inspired by the owner’s ultra sweet doodle, Snoop. On their Instagram pages, @oscardoodlepdx, Oscar would often indicate that his little bro Snoop had the IQ of a Yam. The followers couldn’t get enough of it so … voilà, we made it into a dog tag! Before you ask, YES, Snoop wears this tag!

At 1.37" wide, our 3-D soft rubber dog tag suits most breeds, providing a trendy, hilarious, and laugh-inducing addition to every dog collar.

An amazing gift for your favorite derpy dog or a fun gift for dog parents.

A fun purse or backpack charm too! 

NOTE: our dog tags bring smiles and laughs; they are NOT ID TAGS. If it looks like it will hang too low on your short dog, use the included small split ring and swap it with the standard larger ring.


Material: Crafted from soft rubber, this series boasts a diverse collection of 10 engaging keychain designs and 17 uproarious dog tag variations. Exclusively available at The Verve Bar, each design is one-of-a-kind, with dedicated molds created to ensure their distinctiveness and quality.

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